Brooklands Hotel


The Brooklands Hotel & Spa opened in March 2010 on the site of the iconic Brooklands race track. Less than 12 months later the Spa was nominated as ‘2011 UK Residential Spa of the Year’.  This style-statement property fits well with the neighboring high tech Mercedes Benz World, with numerous references to the rich legacy of the Brooklands race circuit.

Brooklands Hotel

The Project Brief

The hotel site is very near a major fitness club drawing large numbers of fitness memberships from the nearby corporate and high end residential areas. Clearly, Howard Spa Consulting required avoiding any comparison or competition with a mass market operator – i.e. to produce something better than a hotel fitness club with a few treatment rooms, to enable Brooklands’ leisure element compete in the local market.

The Result

We were selected late in the build process; however, we were able to re-conceptualize the cluster of facilities to present a strong personalized lifestyle service. Consequently, we revised the intention of internal spaces; improved operational design and commercial integrity; and introduced spa brands that fitted perfectly with the hotel’s style statement. The result was to produce a strong and identifiable product in the local marketplace. From there on, we selected equipment and trained the spa team, setting-up the operation ‘hand in hand’ with the management team to enable a successful in-house operation that it is today.


  Client Satisfaction

Working in conjunction with the hotel designers, spa consultants Howard Spa Consulting created a sensational space offering seven wet and dry rooms, steam rooms, sauna, relaxation areas, meditation suite with water beds, and a personal training fitness suite concept.  It’s the treatment menu that Howard Spa Consulting created which really sets The Brooklands Spa apart from its competition.  Howard Spa Consulting partnered Brooklands Spa with both Tracey Malone’s Lubatti facials as well as Jane Scrivner’s spa body treatments – both are debut brands within a professional spa environment, providing Brooklands Hotel & Spa with a qualitative point of difference. Until now, ‘Lubatti facials by Tracey Malone’ have only been performed behind closed doors for English Royalty and society ladies.
Marco Gervasoni, General Manager, Brooklands Hotel, Surrey UK

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