Howard Spa Consulting offers two service packages; Both provide expertise in design, pre-opening consultancy and are tailored to each project:-

A. Spa Design using our Spa Designers, PLUS Pre-Opening Spa Consultancy


B. Spa Design working with the appointed designers/architects, PLUS Spa Consultancy

[A] Howard Spa Designer + Spa Consultancy

[B] Spa Design Assistance + Spa Consultancy

Howard Spa Design – Points of Difference

HSC enhance a hotel’s brand identity by weaving the hotel’s values & DNA into the Spa Design & Concept. Alternatively we create a Spa Brand in its own right.

HSC employ designers that specialise in the development of spaces for exclusive luxury lifestyle brands, where the understanding & development of a brand’s identity is all-embracing.

Concept, Design, Branding, The Story, Products, All the Senses, & Personnel are all incorporated.

HSC offer seamless continuity between spa consultancy & spa design.

The end result is a Spa that possesses a very strong identity in a highly competitive marketplace.

Spa Brand Design Service

Stage 0 Project Feasibility & Strategic Definition

- Client Aims & Objectives
- Brand Emersion & Objectives
- Architectural Overview & Project Planning
- MEP Evaluation
- Building & Planning Assessment
- Defining the Scope
- General Feasibility of meeting Clients needs
- Materials & Finishes

Stage 1 Preparation & Brief

- Brand Analysis & Required Guest Touch Points
- Extent of Additional Brand Elements
- Develop the Project Objectives
- Design Feasibility Study
- Site Review
- Risk Assessment
- Programme
- Site Strategy
- Technology & Communication

Stage 2 Concept Design

- Concept Design Pack
- The Look, Feel, Emotion, Function
- Scaled Floor Plans & Walk Thru Animations
- Design Scheme Visuals
- Prelim Finishes & Material Boards
- Prelim Furniture Selections
- Project Palette
- Outline Design Specs
- Prelim Cost Evaluation
- Initial Branding & Marketing Strategy
- Graphic Design / Way Finding
- Logo & Identity
- Brand Collateral, Website & E-Marketing

Stage 3 Developed Design

- Final Layout Plan
- Final Material Selection
- Final FF&E Sign Off
- Electrical Layout Scheme
- Lighting Scheme
- Technical & Specialist Information
- Update on Budget & Project
- Development of Physical Branding

Stage 4 Technical Design

- Final Lighting Scheme
- Fire, Escape & Security Drawings
- Wall detail, floor finishes & schedules
- Interior Detail & Cabinetry
- Full FF&E Schedule
- Installation Drawings
- Ceiling Plans
- Review various
- Graphic Productions
- Pre- Launch Media, Website, Social Media

Stage 5 – 7 Construction, Handover & Use

- Phase 5 Technical Detailing
- Post Construction Evaluation
- As Constructed Plans
- Submission of Plans to Regulatory Bodies
- Purchase of Design Accessories
- Dressing of Interior Design Space
- Collateral Design
- Advert Design
- Architectural Photography & Filming
- Design & Launch Website
- Social Media Package
- Brand Guidelines
- PR Elements

Spa Consultancy Service

Follow Modules 2 to 4 in the right hand column [services marked with an * are included within the above Spa Brand Design Service]

Module 1 – Feasibility & Pre-Planning

Aims & Objectives
*Site Assessment
*Spa Concept – Stage 1
*Space Allocation & Room Relationship guidance
*Spa Layout [working with appointed designer]
Spa Specialist Equipment Cost Estimate
*Information to ME&P for cost /capacity assessment
Staff Structure & Cost
Spa Management Options

Module 2 – Detailed Design Assistance

*Spa Layout & GA Refinement with appointed designer
Spa Operating Concept
*Room Data Sheets – operational design requirements
*Advice Designer regarding operational practicalities
*Advise Lighting Consultant
Suggested Computerisation & Software
*Advise on Signage & Guest Guidelines
Equipment Cut-Sheets to assist design accommodation

Module 3 – Spa Brand Match & Treatment Menu

Matching Spa Product Brand to Spa Concept
Shortlisting possible ‘partners’
Bespoke Product & Treatments
Tailoring the Spa Brand Training Programme
Spa Treatment Menu
Presentations of Brands
Tailoring the Agreement Content with Partners
Joint Marketing Plans
Retail Concept

Module 4 – Training & Pre-Opening

Pre-Opening & Operational Budget
Spa Equipment Schedule – recommended
SOE, Guest Supplies & Consumables Lists
Retail Lists
Assist Spa/Hotel with Pre-Opening Marketing, Residential Spa Programmes & Day Spa
Check content for print, website & marketing
Advise on Staff Uniforms
Person & Job Descriptions
Refine Salaries & Incentive Schemes
Personnel Recruitment Programme
Pre-Opening Training Programme
Assist in Recruitment, Interviews& Selection
Operational SOP Manuals
Introduce Highly Specialist Trainers
Introduce ‘Celebrity Therapists’
Induction & Emersion with Spa Manager
Conduct Training
Soft Opening Programme

Spa Operational Consultancy or Management

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